Fly By Wire Air is a one-stop shop for the aviation enthusiast. You will find aviation apparel, RC hobby planes, items for the historic aviation buff and even products and services for amateur pilots. We hope you will enjoy visiting our site. When you think of flying – Fly By Wire.

About Fly By Wire Air

What We Do

Fly By Wire Air was launched in 2011 with the dual purposes of making aviation both fun and informative for the reader. Our site encompasses general aviation as well as radio-controlled (RC) models for hobby enthusiasts. As an affiliate site, Fly By Wire Air also links to sites rich in aviation history and offers a wide selection of aviation accessories.

Who We Are

Fly By Wire Air was founded by Daryl Garvis, whose interest in aviation began in childhood from watching television programs such as “Sky King” and “Steve Canyon.” Daryl’s interest in aviation was also encouraged by his father’s service with the Fifth Air Force in World War II. Daryl is a strong believer in the role of civil aviation and the contribution it makes to our nation and the world at large.

What We Stand For

Our site stands for making aviation accessible to all. We seek to promote the cause of general aviation and a public awareness of its importance. We express this belief by membership in the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association and related organizations that emphasize the recreational aspects of aviation, as well as the economic and technology benefits to society.

When you think of flying – Fly By Wire!