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RC Hobby Airplanes

Remote Control (RC) Hobby Airplanes

It has said that people have been looking for ways to fly all the way back to pre-historic times. While it isn’t practical for everyone to actually fly aircraft, it is possible to pilot your own aircraft with the use of remote control. RC planes give people the power of flight and ability to conduct complex flying stunts without leaving the ground.

Get Started With RC Airplanes

RC Hobby Airplane flight is a hobby that can be for people of all ages and skill levels. However, if you are just getting started it can be confusing. Beginners often find it helpful to start with ready-to-fly (RTF) kits that will allow you to start flying immediately. Check the fantastic vendors below to find an affordable and RTF kit and get started right away!

For the RC Airplane Veterans

Intermediate and veteran flyers may choose to purchase a nearly ready-to-fly kit that allows them to make modifications to their airplane. Veterans and expert RC hobbyists may choose to build their RC model from scratch. Below you will find reputable, reliable vendors to purchase quality RC products.

How To Purchase Airplanes

You’ll be making many choices as you purchase your RC airplane and accessories. You’ll need to make decisions regarding electric or gas-powered as well as selecting the model. The choices you make depend on your level of experience and, of course, preferences. If you are in the process of making these choices, take a look at the vendors below. They offer quality products and solid advice for beginners and seasoned RC pilots alike.

How To Purchase Radios

The radio is the heart of RC airplane hobby. The first thing you will need to decide is what you want your airplane to do. This is because the radio needs one channel for every type of control. Below you will get
an idea.

4 control channels - rudder, aileron, elevator, throttle
5 control channels - rudder, aileron, elevator, throttle, flaps or retracts
6 control channels - rudder, aileron, elevator, throttle, flaps or retracts

When you have more than 6 control channels, you can add features like parachute drops, dive brakes and other operating parts. However, the most common number of control channels used on a powered aircraft model is 4. Four-channel control gives you full acrobatic capability and will enable you to fly most
airplane models.

Other RC Airplane Items

There are a few accessories that you must have as a part of your RC Airplane kit. If you purchased a kit and it did not come with an electronic speed control, you will need to purchase these separately. A battery and battery charger for the power system for electric airplanes will also be required. Other items that you may need are listed below.

  • Prop wrench
  • Fuel filters
  • Screwdriver(s) and other tools
  • Scrap balsa wood or foam
  • Glow plug wrench
  • Fuel tubing
  • Epoxy glue
  • Packing tape

Where to Find RC Hobby Airplanes and Accessories

If you are looking for qualified sources for RC airplane items, you will find a list below. They are
highly recommended.



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